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I was very glad to find this forum in it’s infancy so that I may get some early advice on entering this field.

I have a bachelors degree in biology/pre-med,  and a masters of science in regulatory affairs.  I am also currently working on my MBA .  I am currently employed as a regulatory affairs specialist for a medical device company.  I write a lot of 510k’s as well as many OUS submissions to foreign agencies.  I have a strong desire to steer my career toward medical writing, however, my company does very little “clinical” work.

I have contemplated the amwa certificate programs, however, I was hoping for some feedback on them.  Additionally, I am interested in any advice or assistance in how to push my career more into medical and scientific writing.

Thanks to all who may be able to provide feedback.


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Hi Kathy,

You are in a great position to enter the medical writing field because regulatory writers are in high demand. If you want to truly bite the bullet, go to CareerBuilder.com search regulatory writing and see what the search yields.

The majority of ads there will have been placed by recruiters who will contact you and likely ask you to take a writing test or query you on your experience. If you pass the test or convince them that you know what you are doing you may get a gig.  I wouldn’t waste my time or money on an AMWA certificate.

I hope that this helps. I am sure others will not agree with me but this is the way I see it


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I don’t have any AMWA certificates either, and don’t really plan on getting one at this point.  I think that if you can get a job doing regulatory writing somewhere, you’ll get plenty of experience and learn what you need to “on the fly.”  Later, you’ll have plenty of experience to list on your own website if you do decide to go freelance after several years in the corporate world, and that should suffice, I would think.


Jennifer Olson, Ph.D.
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